Monday, November 16, 2015

COGGC Holds Hearing on Draft Proposed Rules Addressing Future Oil and Gas Development Locations

The Colorado Oil and Gas Commission (COGCC) is holding a public hearing today in Denver, Colorado, on the Governor’s Oil and Gas Task Force rulemaking process to implement final recommendations #17 and #20. Those recommendations are part of COGGC staff’s proposal issued in October 2015 to amend the Commission Rules of Practice and Procedures.

The purpose of the recommendations is to support a strategic collaboration between local governments and oil and gas operators in order to facilitate oil and gas development through sustainable planning in the region.

Recommendation #17 encourages local governments to further participate in designating the locations of “large oil and gas facilities” within “Urban Mitigation Areas” in cooperation with oil and gas operators. This early planning participation would “provide an opportunity to address location of right-of-way for pipelines, facility consolidation, access routes, and to otherwise mitigate impacts within the Urban Mitigation Area” to avoid potential community conflicts.

Recommendation #20 would extend registration of all COGCC-registered operators with Local Government Designees (LGD) with the objective for local governments of integrating operational information in their existing planning processes.

More information on the Governor’s Task Force rulemaking is available at

Written by Chloe Marie - Research Fellow

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