Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kansas hosts public hearing on proposed state hydraulic fracture chemical disclosure regulations

The Kansas Corporation Commission recently announced it would host a public hearing over proposed regulations for hydraulic fracturing chemical disclosure. The proposed regulations identify specific chemicals used in treatment fluids that would be required to be proposed, and established a method for them to be reported.  (K.A.R §82-3-1401). Further, the regulations would establish a method for the disclosure of chemicals classified as trade secrets. The procedure would limit the disclosure of protected chemicals to “emergency situations,” limit who could have access to the disclosed information, and provide a framework for re-establishing confidentiality after the limited disclosure. (K.A.R §82-3-1402). Additionally, the regulations provide framework for health professionals to access the chemical information in order to treat a specific individual. (K.A.R §82-3-1402).

For more information on the proposed regulations, visit the Kansas Corporation Commission web site.

Written by: Garrett Lent, Research Assistant
Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center
July 2013

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