Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Drilling Bans Fail in Peters Township and Warren; Succeed in State College.

After tallying up the votes, it became clear on November 9, 2011, that the proposed Marcellus drilling bans in Peters Township, Pa. and Warren, Pa. were rejected by voters while a similar measure was passed in State College, Pa. These small communities, particularly Peters Township, gained national media attention for proposing some of the first referendums that allowed local citizens to vote on whether Marcellus shale drilling and hydraulic-fracturing would be permitted in their areas.

Click here to read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article

Click here to read the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Article

Click here to read the Centre Daily Times article

*Sources from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Centre Daily Times.

Written by Andy Schwabenbauer, Research Fellow
November 9, 2011

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