Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Water Treatment Plant Sued To Stop Drilling Fluids Discharge into Allegheny River

Clean Water Action filed a citizen's suit against Waste Treatment Corporation under the Clean Water Act for discharging drilling fluids into the Allegheny River from its Warren, Pennsylvania waste processing facility.  Clean Water Action alleged that the company processed oil and gas well waste while being limited to processing metal type wastes, that those discharges contained harmful levels of chloride and other pollutants, and that those discharges continue to endanger the health and welfare of people and wildlife in the area.  The complaint further alleges violations of the Endangered Species Act, alleging that chloride discharges injured or killed the Northern Riffleshell mussel, an endangered species that lives in the Allegheny River. Clean Water Action seeks that Waste Treatment Corp. stop these discharges, study the environmental damage of the discharges, remediate any damage it caused to the environment, and pay civil penalties.

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