Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shale Compendium: Southeastern Europe

  • Serbian Minister of Environment and Mining, Oliver Dulic said “It is our goal to introduce the most modern international technology so that oil shale can become a resource that will significantly improve the energetic balance of Serbia” (IPS News)
  • Serbia plans to seek out an advisor for its shale oil offerings (Bloomberg)

  • Government of Croatia prepared a new law in 2013 for the regulation of hydrocarbon exploration, the bill is now before the Croatian parliament (Natural Gas Europe)

  • Bankers Petroleum has drilled 32 horizontal wells in 2013, 28 of which are in production (Oil & Gas Journal Apr. 2013)

  • Research project awarded to Greek owned Institute for Geology and Mineral Exploration to explore for shale gas potential in Greece (Natural Gas Europe Nov. 2011)
  • Greek government considering selling its state owned natural gas company DEPA and grid operator DESFA (Rigzone 2012)

  • Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz told reporters “We are keen to exploit this method and we must make economic use of shale gas.” (Reuters Feb. 2013)
  • Anatolia Energy has a 4-year exploration license, doing testing operations. Shell expected to drill test wells in the Dadas shale (Oil &Gas Journal)
  • Valeura Energy awarded working interest in exploration licenses (Oil & Gas Journal)

  • The U.S. and Armenian government signed a memorandum of understanding in June 2, 2011 for assessment of Armenia’s resources including shale potential (Armenia U.S. Embassy News)

Written by Anna Leonenko, Research Fellow
Penn State Law, Agricultural Law Center
May 2013

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