Monday, May 20, 2013

Shale Compendium: Canada and Mexico

  • Shale being developed in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and New Brunswick. (2013 SG-ELR Report p.8-12)
  • Ontario has a complete ban on hydraulic fracturing and unconventional extraction. (2013 SG-ELR Report p.8-12)
  • Quebec imposed a temporary ban on fracturing in March 2011 pending a further study expected in 2013 (CTV News)
  • New Brunswick rejected a moratorium, announced regulations for shale development (CBC News Feb. 2013)
  • Mexico plans a $242M assessment project for non-conventional energy potential (2013 PwC Report p.4)
  • Mexico’s PEMEX has drilled six shale gas wells in northern Mexico since 2011. PEMEX plans to drill twenty wells by 2016 and operate 6,500 commercial wells over fifty years (IPS News)
  • Water shortages may limit shale development. The “state of Coahuila where the most promising shale is found is one of Mexico's driest areas and water may be too scarce to use thousands of gallons per well in the extraction process” (Reuters)
  • Mexico’s current laws do not allow outside or private investment in its energy sector. Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto has proposed energy reforms that would allow private investment. (Platts)

Written by Anna Leonenko, Research Fellow
Penn State Law, Agricultural Law Center
May 2013

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