Thursday, August 2, 2012

Senator Casey introduces bill to provide grants for natural gas fuelling stations.

On July 25th, Senator Casey introduced the State Natural Gas Act (S. 3437), which would allow states, including Pennsylvania, to individually determine the best way to invest in the natural gas industry. The State Natural Gas Act creates a grant program which distributes funding to states to encourage the use of natural gas as a fuel, and promote investment in natural gas vehicles and infrastructure. The grants would be available through the Department of Energy.
Written by Joseph Negaard, Research Assistant
Penn State Law, Agricultural Law Center
August 2, 2012

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  1. we can invest in natural gas use freely, with no net government expense. Simply offer loans to homeowners to install microcompressors in their homes (already using natural gas) and convert their vehicles to burn it. Even a low pressure compressor will fuel commuters, and create a market for the industry to create a grid of fuel stops. as more people switch, or flex fuel, the price of gasoline will decrease, forcing a decrease in the price of crude, of diesel of jet fuel and of food, for the ethanol market will die.